The Masters

Millions of sports fans around the world will be settling in to watch the final round of the Masters from Augusta tonight, to the bewilderment of millions more. How many people will have heard the words “I don’t know how you can sit and watch golf. It’s booooring”? Millions I reckon.

To the untrained eye, watching golf can be boring. Watching a bunch of men (in this case) smack a tiny ball down a field and then walk after it, time after time, may look a little tedious. Even I, as an avid golf fan and occasional player, must admit that the concept does sound a little dreary. But the true wonder in watching this final day at the most prestigious individual tournament in golf is understanding, at least a little, what those men are doing and just how good they actually are.

If you’ve ever played golf, at any level, you will know just how frustrating a game it can be. You will also understand just how hard it is to make that little tiny ball go where you want it to go. And don’t even get me started on putting. Greens that are lightening fast and ungulate and contour like a miniature Pyrenees.

So spending an evening watching someone like Jordan Spieth annihilate one of the most testing courses in the game (testing of both your game and your mental strength), it fills you with admiration. Watching Phil Mickelson hover around the top 3 or 4, having done so for years and years now, you appreciate just how good he is and how hard he must work to stay at the top of his game for so long.

So when confronted with that question; “How can you sit and watch golf?”, be safe in the knowledge that you are watching tiny little touches of magic, shot after shot after shot. And if all else fails, just look at what Ian Poulter is wearing.


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